You Cannot Drive Your Car And Change Its Tyres At The Same Time

The above is a common saying, which describes a business owner who is concerned only with the day-to-day operations of his business, but who is not paying attention to the growth strategies of his own company.

Many SMEs do not appreciate the importance of “changing the tyres” from time to time. They view such exercises as a waste of their time and therefore lose the opportunity to make money. “Changing the tyres of a business” requires a business owner to plan and deliberately stop what he is doing for a while, reflect and plan for the next phase.

Without taking this time away from the day-to-day operations, business owners risk the future revenues of their own businesses. Moreover, this job cannot be delegated to someone like the General Manager or the Chief Operations Officer. This job lies squarely on the shoulders of the CEO or the boss of the company.

Usually, these business owners interact with lawyers only when their company is in trouble (i.e. When the “tyres” run flat). Very few are enlightened and have the discipline to bring their growth plans to their lawyer who can then advise them and help them build safeguards.

Unfortunately, many still tend to choose to wait until a disaster happens to engage the law firm. By which time, they face the prospects of huge legal fees on top of their economic woes. Why not take a safer route by planning for growth and engaging your lawyers before a disaster happens?

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