Why Is Our Law Firm Named After An Ice Cream Flavour?

Prior to the present name of the law firm, my firm was called “MG Chambers”. Then in 2013, I decided I needed a name change. Many people have asked me why I chose the name  “VanillaLaw”. It has nothing to do with ice cream flavour and more to do with being “Plain and Simple”.

The name change reflected my aim to convey to my clients that, while the law can be complex, my team & I are committed to look for innovative ways to make the clients’ experience and interaction with the law feel less daunting, such as recommending mediation as a form of settlement over litigating it in the courts.

However and since the change, we now face a new problem that we did not anticipate. People actually think that the law is so simple they can “DIY” or that non-licensed LegalTech companies can handle it. It is difficult to convey the message that practising law is actually very complex, but with experience and proper training, a good lawyer can make what is in fact complex, Plain and Simple – like Vanilla

I am not a fan of taking supplements for my health issues. It is not so much an issue over the safety of the ingredients, because at the bare minimum, the Singapore government agency, Health Science Authority (HAS), regulates such matters. I have an issue about the “miracle” claims which are made. The people who take care of our medical health are licensed professionals and that means they are governed by an ethical code. Most codes would not allow licensed professionals to make such “miracle” claims.

As I cross the 50 year old mark, I hear friends and relatives vouch emphatically about the effectiveness of some “miracle” drug or treatment, albeit more expensive than consulting the licensed professional. Why do people do this? My guess is that people are hard wired to seek out simple solutions.

People want to hear about “miracle” cures. While it maybe true; people do not want to hear that simple dieting and exercise is the solution.

People want to hear claims that A.I. can beat lawyers in contracts review and drafting. While it maybe true; people do not want to hear that A.I. cannot help negotiate between contracting parties./

People want to hear about businesses who become “unicorns” overnight. While it may be true, people do not want to hear that most businesses fail because they do not have a plan or that the execution of the plan is weak.

The truth which my clients need to hear, is that my legal and business teams at VanillaLaw literally toil through blood, sweat and tears to make the law feel plain and simple. If SMEs care about the needs of their customers, they have to start changing their mind sets and start investing and working hard to make the client experience feel like vanilla!

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