The Faith In Values

Recently, our firm’s Head of Marketing explained to me that in order to stand out in a crowded online market, we need to articulate our values. Her point was substantiated by research. In principle, I agree.

However, the problem I see is what is in reality and how to execute this (value). We are now living in a time of tribal allegiance. Labels are messy. Let me explain. I am not a liberal nor do I accept autocracy. I do, however, believe that the role of government is to provide its people a stable and safe environment, but not to the extent of interfering and ruling over people’s lives. I recognise that this statement itself is problematic. While it may be right for the government to interfere in the lives of people whom they judge as threatening the peace and stability of a community, who then is the judge of what is right or wrong? Honestly, I have no answer for this. 

This can be applied to a court case. You are either guilty or innocent. Your application is either accepted or dismissed. It is either black or white. Labels force us to choose. On a side note, it is fortunate that mediators do not need to face such an AWFUL choice.

Many years ago, I committed VanillaLaw to serving the SME community and embracing a single-minded value of keeping things “plain and simple”. That means a reduction in fees and loss of opportunities in getting complex work, that all law firms desire. Logically, and from what I have explained about being boxed into a label, it would have been a bad idea!

Yet, and somehow after 26 years, we far exceeded our own plans and expectations. I have come to accept that in business somethings are not logical. It takes a certain amount of FAITH and COURAGE.

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