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Small World, Big Thinking Exporting Your Brand And Services. 視点を大きく持てば世界は小さいものに。 ブランド・サービスの輸出を

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I was introduced to the UK Trade and Investments (UKTI) website by a friend, and if you search “export ready”, the page will offer you tons of information about how you can export goods to another country. You will get the usual information about import and export licenses and taxes. This is the same across the major trade commissions like Austrade, JETRO and even our own Enterprise Singapore.

以前、知人にUK Trade and Investments (UKTI)
のウェブサイトを紹介されたのですが、このウェブサイトでは、商品を海外に輸出する方法についての様々な情報が掲載されています。(Export Readyで検索すると出てきます。)

It is quite apparent that businesses and governments are hardwired to think that the majority of global or international trade involves the selling and shipping of goods from one country to another. It is unfortunate that not much attention has been paid to small nimble businesses trading internationally and exporting something intangible like a “brand or service”. I say unfortunate because with digital technology, the cost and barriers of trading in information and intellectual property is far less daunting and easier than ever before. Small businesses that are predominately in this trade, and if they fail to recognise this potential, they will be missing out on a big chunk of opportunity in the global market.


By all accounts, my small law practice, @VanillaLaw®, based in a tiny island state called Singapore, but through extensive use of technology, our global footprint has extended to Malaysia, Japan and now the UK. We have our own Japanese foreign lawyer, Japanese clients based in Japan and Singapore. Our marketing team is based in the UK (in the NorthWest part of the British Isles), in a little known place called Sale in Greater Manchester. We are even conducting an arbitration case in London, but our client is based in Bath and our solicitor is based in Devon. We work with another team of lawyers based in Kuala Lumper. Geographical distances have little or have no meaning for us.


Last year, I recall a conversation with @Kathryn Bistacchi and @Kirsty Forman from Definition Consulting ( telling them that there is nothing to stop them from considering bringing their talent and know-how to Asia. They gave me a polite smile and we moved on to talk about my own business with them. Fast forward 1 year, I think Kathryn and Kirsty are now seriously considering visiting me and some other potential clients in Singapore!

去年のことになりますが、私は、Definition Consulting (の@Kathryn Bistacchi と@Kirsty Formanと、彼らのノウハウなどをアジア諸国に持ってくることには何の障害もないということを話しました。その時、彼らと和やかな雰囲気で、私のビジネスの話などをざっくばらんに話しただけでしたが、一年経った今、彼らはシンガポールでビジネスを拡大することを現実のものとして動いています。

At around the same time last year, I met a highly innovative and energetic entrepreneur called @Fumiya Nakajima. He spoke with passion about his idea of using data collected from surveys for customer engagement. This was novel because most companies would use the data for market research. Within a span of less than 1 year he managed to set up Kakezan Strategies (a Singapore based technology company) and he has moved himself and his family to work and stay in Singapore.

これまで、収集したデータをマーケットリサーチに利用するという会社には少なからず出会ったことはありましたが、この中嶋氏のアイデアはとても斬新で革新的でした。1年を要することなく、中嶋氏はKakezan Strategiesという会社をシンガポールに起業し、家族とともにシンガポールにベースを置いて生活するに至っています。

The speed and ease of doing such businesses would be unthinkable for small businesses back in the 1990s or even early 2000s. Do I think that the Covid-19 pandemic will cause a disruption to these types of small businesses? I can categorically say no, as they do not have supply chain issues that plague companies that ship goods internationally. Their “goods” can be transacted and traded from anywhere in the world. I believe that they will come out to be the real winners after this pandemic. For them the world is indeed small, because they are able to think big!

今回の新型コロナウィルスによる騒動は、これら中小企業のビジネスに(悪)影響を与えるでしょうか。 ある特定の業種に関しては、「ノー」と言えます ― つまり、商品を海外へ輸送するサプライチェーンなどの問題がない業種です。