Revenue And The Sources Of Revenue

Companies exist to make money. As such, all companies must have a business strategy which clearly articulates their sources of revenue. However, and as corporate lawyers, we discovered most SMEs do not have a clear strategy to secure the sources of revenue. Even if they do, they do not have a good follow up action to protect these sources of revenue.

Imagine a company like an ocean going ship. In order for you to make money, the ship has to sail. But each voyage presents various risks and dangers to the ship and its cargo. Therefore, a prudent shipper will choose the right type of ship and crew for the voyage, after weighing the opportunities against the risks.

There are various company structures available in law. It takes a lot of skill and experience to choose the right structure to balance the opportunities and risks of the business. There are also many different types of contractual relationships between companies, institutions and people. Again, matching the right agreement to the right revenue objectives of the business takes skill and experience.

Why let opportunities be lost by poor company structures and agreements? Moreover, poor structures and agreements puts your company at risk.

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