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A Japanese Education Group were planning a swift expansion across Asia, the Business Development Director responsible for delivering this step in the company’s journey wisely wanted to understand the best legal and tax structure for their group.The business was also suffering from their own success, with Centre Managers using different forms across the business, not only causing a headache for head office,but opening the business up to the risk of enforcement issues and dispute resolution.With cost an issue and no full-time in house lawyer they were looking for a different approach…


VanillaLaw® like to keep things plain and simple, so our global team understood the growth plans, the business vision and the risks, advising on the best legal and tax structure to support the planned expansion. Next the team collated and reviewed all the forms and agreements, uploading standardised documents to VanillaLaw® Docs an easy to use portal, which helps HQ in Japan to control forms and ensures Centre Managers always use the correct documentation, making their lives easier and most importantly protecting the business now and throughout the expansion.

Our client now have access to the VanillaLaw® team, no overhead of an in-house lawyer, instead they can contact their dedicated team anywhere, anytime, consulting with us in person and online.

We’re delighted they have also joined our GoSME® community, benefiting from networking events, connecting up with like minded businesses and potential franchisees.

Another success story from VanillaLaw®; keeping it plain and simple

Changing the way law firms help small businesses grow

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An entrepreneur and British citizen owned the license to import and sell a well-known brand of British sports car into China. The license agreement was governed under English Law, with any disputes to be arbitrated in the London Courts of International Arbitration (LCIA). Unfortunately, there was a dispute and the matter is now the subject of arbitration at LCIA. To protect their business the client needed to find lawyers well versed in Asia and UK laws who could work to their limited budget.


Using technology to sift and capture information from tons of documents and letters our junior lawyers got to work finding the evidence to put together the case theory, which has now been reviewed by the seniors and filed to LCIA.

Unlike most other law firms, our client’s case theory is not merely a “framework” without “the flesh”, they have a robust case theory. With the heavy lifting work being outsourced to Asia and splitting the work out to a junior team supervised by Singaporean lawyers who are cross trained in both the UK and Asia, the client has peace of mind, with the best response being put forward to protect their business without stretching their budget.

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A high-tech Canadian manufacturer with customers across Canada and the USA wanted to reduce the cost of manufacturing and was therefore looking to relocate. The main business concerns were theft of intellectual property (IP) rights, a trustworthy labour force; fluent in English, familiar laws based on common law, a reliable dispute resolution centre and of course an attractive tax regime. On a personal level the client also wanted to get access to good schools for his children and exposure to a growing Asian market to further expand his business and secure his legacy.


Singapore was the obvious answer!

The answer was plain and simple, Singapore ticked all the boxes, addressing all of the client’s needs, with the correct IP rights protection in place from the VanillaLaw® Team, protecting the business whilst enabling reduced costs and a great platform for growth.

Advising on re-domiciliation, how to do this and most importantly making it happen was made easy by the VanillaLaw® Team who are proud to support this company not just for this case, but have been doing so for more than 15 years.


A Singaporean shipping company operating all over the Asia-Pacific regions had grown organically, resulting in no less than 5 di􀀀erent companies around the region. The owner was finding it di􀀀cult to keep track of all the compliance issues, tax and contract risks. To make matters worse they had no in-house legal team to assist them, but knew they needed to do a onetime restructuring exercise that could take between 8 to 12 months to complete. Concerned about the cost of hiring a senior in-house lawyer to do this work he was looking for a simple solution to get his business back on track and ready for the next phase of growth.


Team VanillaLaw® provided an outsourced legal and business solution. This helped save time and money because the business owners did not have to pay for lengthy meetings and discussions between different advisors – just a straightforward solution implemented efficiently by the team who were on the same page as the business owners!

Using VanillaLaw® Docs to prepare relevant standardised contracts to support the streamlined business vision, we set to work resolving all the compliance, contracts and restructuring issues where necessary, resulting in a more commercially efficient business operation.

Rather than hiring one lawyer to work at different levels and across different disciplines which could have been slow and could have lead to other problems, the team at VanillaLaw® simply assigned the right people to each task – we completed the project in half the time and at half the expected budget. Another happy client!