Media Mention

Dispute Resolution

No winners in Han’s Cafe vs HAN Cuisine legal battle
12-Feb-2015 | Published in The Straits Times

Han’s Cafe sues Japanese restaurant over name
09-Apr-2014 | Published in The Straits Times

Business Matters

Why startups should seriously rethink suing their opponents
25-Oct-2018 | Published in Tech in Asia

Why startups need lawyers, not legal templates
28-Jun-2018 | Published in Beautifully Incoherent

Three business lessons I learned by running my own company for 24 years
05-Feb-2018 | Published in Wanda Furu In Kohīrensu

Singapore bunker fuel supplier Panoil Petroleum placed under judicial management
31-Oct-2017 | Published in Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

Teaching an old dog new tricks: guanxi in today’s world
28-Mar-2017 | Published in Singapore’s SME

Why startups need lawyers, not legal templates
28-Feb-2017 | Published in Tech in Asia

July’s Membership Talk Topic: Manage Your Business Risks In 3 Primary Areas
22-Jul-2016 | Published in Singapore Productivity Association

Public Interest

Foreign workers find it a hard slog in matters of faith
25-Jan-2016 | Published in Today Online

Singapore Strike: The Full Story
31-Aug-2013 | Published in The Wall Street Journal

Strike Out! Forum Highlights Labour and Civil Rights
22-Apr-2013 | Published in Workfair Singapore

The underdog advocate
24-Mar-2013 | Published in Asia One

Chinese strikers weighing legal steps in Singapore
12-Dec-2012 | Published in Yahoo Finance


Maid jailed for receiving stolen funds
13-Jun-2017 | Published in The Straits Times

Filipino maid jailed for receiving stolen cash from lover
12-Jun-2017 | Published in Asia Times

Maid’s case may be TIP of the iceberg
13-Sep-2015 | Published in The Straits Times

Filipino admits posting seditious comments
26-Aug-2015 | Published in Today Online

Foreigner who made inflammatory remarks convicted
25-Aug-2015 | Published in The Straits Times

Legal Technology

Legal Technology in Singapore
21-Oct-2018 | Published in LawTech Asia

Law meets tech in legal technology festival in Singapore
09-Oct-2018 | Published in The Future Law Innovation Programme

TechLaw.Fest 2018 – Meeting Where It Matters
27-Jun-2018 | Published in LawTech Asia

Note to Legal Profession on Technology
16-May-2017 | Published in Ministry of Law

Mindset change needed for legal tech scene to take off
23-Mar-2017 | Published in The Straits Times

CNA Singapore Tonight -Interview with Mr Mark Goh
28-Feb-2017 | Published in Singapore Tonight

Vanilla Law – Brand New Flavour
13-Sep-2016 | Published in Channel News Asia

Lawyer’s software comes in handy for SMEs
07-Jul-2016 | Published in The Straits Times

More Singapore law firms go online to meet needs of start-ups
27-Jun-2016 | Published in Today Online

Software designed to help SMEs with legal documents
25-May-2016 | Published in The Straits Times