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4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 41 reviews)
Very good7%

Having the support of both the business and legal teams as I planned my business was a crucial element to ensuring I got off on the right foot. Through their advice and experience, we were able to properly assess the legitimacy of certain partnerships, and successfully steered clear of some red flags.

The seamless teamwork and the level of professionalism is something I deeply appreciate. It is clear that the teams at GoSME and VanillaLaw® are passionate and sincere about their goal to support SMEs.

Dr. Jessherin Sidhu

I have entrusted all my legal affairs to Mark since 1997; from fundraising agreements in Singapore to litigation in the London Court of International Arbitration. He’s quick off the mark in court as he is on his bicycle. Most importantly, he takes a forensic evidence-based approach which is in the interest of the smaller client, instead of burning fees on legal platitudes and litigation letters

Jim James

Over the years, Mark from VanillaLaw has provided my company with clear, sound and legal advice for various issues, such as the recent development of IP materials for the end objective of a franchise package. Mark always explains the law and outlines the procedures in clear language that makes it easy for me to understand. Most importantly, he is trustworthy and he really looks out for his clients. I am thankful that we have engaged him to help us and would highly recommend him.

Carina Ong

We had a matter which went on to the mediation platform.

The law firm assisted us to reach a prompt and fair settlement.

The outcome of the mediation had a very positive effect on our company. The law firm handled our case in an extremely competent and professional manner

Patrick Tan

It was great working with the team. They were commercial

minded and gave us the legal advice candidly, while always

keeping the ultimate goal of closing the deal in sight. We

would work with them anytime!

Foo Chih Yuen

I had an exceptional experience working with VanillaLaw for the review of my agreements. Their fixed fee model ensured transparency and peace of mind throughout the process. From the initial zoom meeting to understand my needs to the detailed review by their knowledgeable lawyer, every step was handled with professionalism and care. They aligned with my interests, proposed timely amendments, and addressed all my concerns promptly. Thanks to their expertise, we finalized the agreements efficiently, with most of my proposed amendments accepted by the other party. I highly recommend VanillaLaw for their dedication to client satisfaction and risk minimization.

Thomas Tang

We are happy with Nicole, Boon Chong and Mark’s service. Super thumb up. 👍👍 They helped us settle chop chop fast fast for our case. They are super nice. I have a lot of question to ask them, and they will respond to me almost immediately, even on weekends I will look for Nicole to ask some questions. She will reply to all my inquiries. I know that the weekend is an off day, but they know that mine was an urgent case and they even help me out on the weekends by having a Zoom meeting with them.

Christina Wong

The team at VanillaLaw is extremely professional in providing legal consultation. Whenever I reached out to them for legal advice, they would never fail to respond promptly. They have always ensured that I was well informed of my rights as well as the possibilities within a given situation. I truly believe that my predicament would not have turned out as pleasant if it were not for their guidance. Thank you VanillaLaw!

Han Qi Zeng

A lawyer who has gone to great lengths to help sort out my legal mess. A lawyer who is sincere and professional. A lawyer, who has gone beyond his call of duty to help me when I needed help the most, this is what I got from Mr. Ong Boon Chong from VanillaLaw. I can’t ask for anything more from a lawyer. What I received from Boon Chong is more than a legal service, I have got a new friend, who I can trust. If you are reading this, and looking for a lawyer, look no further, VanillaLaw is the best. I’m truly thankful to this law firm. And of course, thank you to Mark and Vivienne as well… they are excellent too

HL Wong

Recently I won a case under the guidance and advice of Mark and got most of my legal fees and court fees reimbursed. I have engaged local heavyweight law firms before, and I can say that Mark and his associate Boon Chong’s client service and technical competence are parallel to, if not better, than them. Long before the pandemic, Mark has already adopted innovative technology to deliver legal services. While many law firms charge their clients on an hourly rate, they have taken a new approach by charging fixed fees for a defined scope of work. I would recommend Mark’s service to anyone who values customer service and wants to manage their fees on no-surprise basis.

Martyn Chew

Very responsive and professional in helping me with my case despite the trouble of it. Great service attitude and friendly team members as well. Really would recommend if seeking for any legal advice or case.

Wei Chi

Thankful for the help Vivienne, Mark and Boon Chong have given us. I like the fast response time and clear communication from the get-go. No time wasted.

Eatnuf SG

Having both the legal and business teams working together to provide a solution that’s relevant to the legal and business aspects of my situation gives me the confidence to work towards growing my business. I also appreciate the ongoing support and having frank, open discussions about budget and the types of legal strategies available to me.

Debra Sim

Mark and the entire team have been immensely helpful. They were extremely professional and their style is laser-focused and concise. They brought down the turn around time for us from a few months as proposed by other firms to a few weeks from start to finish. I highly recommend them, especially for startups who need to resolve cases and quickly get back to work.

Diwank Singh Tomer

Mark Goh was recommended to me by a friend about 13 years ago. He has been respectful and responsive to my legal needs. He has always taken the time to listen and to share his knowledge. Both Vivienne and Mark are experienced in their respective areas of expertise and has paid attention to the details of my questions and concerns. They have been prompt and efficient with their responses. Having a secure E-documentation framework, they have been able to provide the services effectively even as I live abroad. I greatly appreciate that they are relationship-building focused. Despite being only an individual client, I am grateful for their kindness and honesty, and their going above and beyond to support my legal needs

Jean Leopold

Mark and his Vanilla Law team were excellent in assisting us with our needs. They patiently and thoroughly worked through the requirements to ensure that the output was suitable for our purposes. This is a team that is professional and dedicated. I recommend Mark and his team to anyone who needs personalised legal services.


Excellent legal services. Highly recommended!

Olesja Ganijeva

Great work atmosphere with a great team. Extremely resourceful and efficient – highly recommended!

Ryan Romer

I interned here in June 2021 and had a fantastic experience. VanillaLaw is resolute in its pursuit of excellence and business success for their clients. Every person at the firm is committed to their common cause and keen to achieve superior results. Their undivided commitment to the SME market has enabled them to develop specific expertise in legal and commercial matters alike. This, along with their client-centric approach, makes VanillaLaw the ideal law firm for SMEs navigating the legal space

Niharika Goyal

From my experience with VanillaLaw, I have found the firm to be fast, efficient, and accommodating to interns such as myself. The firm has a wealth of knowledge and experiences advising and navigating complex cases all while providing laymen terminology for its clients to understand. The advice given to clients is presented clearly, coherently and comprehensibly, with the strategy of each case focusing on the clients overarching objectives. The firm is transparent, open minded, supportive and have an open door policy with the warm culture at the heart of the firm. I would recommend VanillaLaw to clients and interns.