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Small World, Big Thinking
Exporting Your Brand And Services.
視点を大きく持てば世界は小さいものに。 ブランド・サービスの輸出を

I was introduced to the UK Trade and Investments (UKTI) website by a friend, and if you search “export ready”, the page will offer you tons of information about how you can export goods to another country. You will get the usual information about import and export licenses and taxes.…

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How To Protect Your Company’s Intellectual Property Rights

1. Protect your business interests with these approaches 2. Non-Compete Clauses In Employment Contracts 3. Protect Your Company’s Intellectual Property Protect your business interests with these approaches The Ministry of Manpower has clear rules against work pass holders and foreign domestic workers working for anyone except their employers at all…

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The Value Of The Business

Why do diamonds cost more than water? This was the question posed by Adam Smith when he observed that water is actually more essential to our life than a useless piece of diamond, yet a diamond will always cost more than water. The answer lies in what economist call THE…

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What Does “Structuring” A Deal Mean?

Raise your hand if you’ve recently heard someone say that their company’s valuation rose to hundreds of millions of dollars by managing to secure “series A” investors. Keep your arm up if you know what that means. If your hand is no longer in the air, don’t worry - unless…

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