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Singapore As A Dispute Resolution Hub

Recently, 2 draft laws were introduced in the Singapore Parliament. They are part of an on-going effort to strengthen Singapore's position as a premier international commercial dispute resolution hub,to draw more legal work here. The Bills are the Civil Law (Amendment) Bill 2016 and the Mediation Bill 2016. Civil Law…

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Don’t Forget the Hippos

The current geopolitical scene today is dominated by two elephants, namely the USA and China. The USA remains the world’s largest economy and the American military remains the only military force on the planet that can fight two wars in the world at any given time. The other elephant is…

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  I often get a quizzical look from SME (small and medium sized enterprises) owners when I ask them whether they know the difference between “conflict resolution” vs “conflict management”.It is tragic that after more than 26 years of advocating for people to prevent conflict, many will still attend at…

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Business Is Non-Binary

Having practised litigation work for more than 25 years, one would not be wrong to reduce the work to this simple formula: Someone has to win and someone has to lose. This is “binary”, meaning it is either a “1” or “0”. However, this approach to contracts negotiation is not…

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Value vs Costs

We have often heard: Singaporeans know the COSTS of everything but do not know the VALUE of anything. This is a criticism of our small mindedness and small businesses. What then is the meaning of VALUE? There is no easy answer, but most experts will agree that value must be…

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Revenue And The Sources Of Revenue

Companies exist to make money. As such, all companies must have a business strategy which clearly articulates their sources of revenue. However, and as corporate lawyers, we discovered most SMEs do not have a clear strategy to secure the sources of revenue. Even if they do, they do not have…

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