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Want To Play With The Big Fish?

How some SME’s are benefiting from the digital revolution, offshoring parts of their business, like the Amazon’s and Dyson’s of this world… We’ve all read about mega companies like Dyson and Amazon moving their Head Quarters to Singapore. Zoom also just announced that they’re now setting up a Data Centre…

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What Is Intellectual Property Rights & Why You Should Care

We are moving from the industrial age to the intellectual age. Living in the intellectual age, we see the rise of creative industries. Theatre, visual arts, cinema, TV, radio, music, publishing, computer games, new media, architecture, design, fashion, advertising, applied arts and innovations are all the more identifiable components creative…

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Small World, Big Thinking Exporting Your Brand And Services. 視点を大きく持てば世界は小さいものに。 ブランド・サービスの輸出を

I was introduced to the UK Trade and Investments (UKTI) website by a friend, and if you search “export ready”, the page will offer you tons of information about how you can export goods to another country. You will get the usual information about import and export licenses and taxes.…

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Why You Need an Intellectual Property Lawyer

1. Protect your business interests with these approaches 2. Non-Compete Clauses In Employment Contracts 3. Protect Your Company’s Intellectual Property We are moving from the industrial age to the intellectual age. Living in the intellectual age, we see the rise of creative industries.  Theatre, visual arts, cinema, TV, radio, music,…

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What Is Reverse Takeover ?

In the TODAY newspapers [19 May 2016], the main board listed company Jeya Holdings announced a reverse take- over of a micro lending company called PNG. What is a "reversetake-over"[RTO]? This happens when a private company swaps its shares for the shares of a public listed company ('PLC'). In this…

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The Value Of The Business

Why do diamonds cost more than water? This was the question posed by Adam Smith when he observed that water is actually more essential to our life than a useless piece of diamond, yet a diamond will always cost more than water. The answer lies in what economist call THE…

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What 2 UK Creative Businesses Taught me

The year was sometime in the late 1990s. I met 2 business oufits from the UK. They are not your usual large companies, but had less than 10 people with presence both in Europe and Asia. Mr. James Park, is the founder of design powerhouse called JPA Design. They started…

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