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The Faith In Values

Recently, our firm's Head of Marketing explained to me that in order to stand out in a crowded online market, we need to articulate our values. Her point was substantiated by research. In principle, I agree. However, the problem I see is what is in reality and how to execute this…

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So What?

I have to credit my friends Kathryn and Kristy @definitionconsulting for teaching me their “So What?” There is news that business travel will not recover until 18 months time, so what? Small businesses are the worst hit in this pandemic, so what? #harrymegan have scandalised the Crown, so what? Vanillalaw…

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Want To Play With The Big Fish?

How some SME’s are benefiting from the digital revolution, offshoring parts of their business, like the Amazon’s and Dyson’s of this world… We’ve all read about mega companies like Dyson and Amazon moving their Head Quarters to Singapore. Zoom also just announced that they’re now setting up a Data Centre…

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What Is Intellectual Property Rights & Why You Should Care

We are moving from the industrial age to the intellectual age. Living in the intellectual age, we see the rise of creative industries. Theatre, visual arts, cinema, TV, radio, music, publishing, computer games, new media, architecture, design, fashion, advertising, applied arts and innovations are all the more identifiable components creative…

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