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Small World, Big Thinking Exporting Your Brand And Services. 視点を大きく持てば世界は小さいものに。 ブランド・サービスの輸出を

I was introduced to the UK Trade and Investments (UKTI) website by a friend, and if you search “export ready”, the page will offer you tons of information about how you can export goods to another country. You will get the usual information about import and export licenses and taxes.…

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Don’t Forget the Hippos

The current geopolitical scene today is dominated by two elephants, namely the USA and China. The USA remains the world’s largest economy and the American military remains the only military force on the planet that can fight two wars in the world at any given time. The other elephant is…

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  I often get a quizzical look from SME (small and medium sized enterprises) owners when I ask them whether they know the difference between “conflict resolution” vs “conflict management”.It is tragic that after more than 26 years of advocating for people to prevent conflict, many will still attend at…

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Class Disparity, Discrimination & SMEs

    Discrimination based off the concept of class has been making it rounds on the internet and local mainstream media. From the varying public responses to the Life Beyond Grades campaign a few weeks back to the most recent (and heartbreaking) coverage by CNA Insider that features young Singaporeans…

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