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Why You Need an Intellectual Property Lawyer

1. Protect your business interests with these approaches 2. Non-Compete Clauses In Employment Contracts 3. Protect Your Company’s Intellectual Property We are moving from the industrial age to the intellectual age. Living in the intellectual age, we see the rise of creative industries.  Theatre, visual arts, cinema, TV, radio, music,…

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Class Disparity, Discrimination & SMEs

    Discrimination based off the concept of class has been making it rounds on the internet and local mainstream media. From the varying public responses to the Life Beyond Grades campaign a few weeks back to the most recent (and heartbreaking) coverage by CNA Insider that features young Singaporeans…

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Our Thoughts On Section 377A

The decriminalisation of gay sex between two consenting adult men once again surfaces as a hot-button topic of discussion across the nation after India struck down their Section 377 and Professor Tommy Koh asked the gay community to challenge our own Section 377A again. Since then there have been opinions…

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How To Handle Employee Complaints

  Effective ways to prevent PR disasters and lawsuits   Even though every employer hopes that their employees are always content and satisfied with their work and working conditions, there may still be occasional concerns or complaints that employees would want to share with you and the company. As the…

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