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An Intern’s Insights

It is quite difficult to summarise my experience here at VanillaLaw®LLC as a summer intern. But for starters, I would say that it was an eye-opening experience that would stay with me for a long time. Amongst other things, I got to experience working with documents ranging from NDAs to drafting a will, licensing agreements and employment contracts. Everyone here guided me and were quick to answer queries that I might have – something I really appreciated.


VanillaLaw® has a different internal organisation structure – you don’t really experience a hierarchy here. Everyone here talked to me like an equal and are always more than willing to help me with anything that I might have had in mind. This sense of family and equality in status meant that I was brought onboard to all client meetings – where i was encouraged to ask questions during fact-finding sessions, and even helped clients fill out forms together on zoom conference calls.

Reflecting on the experiences in this firm – from court hearings and conducting research to drafting forms and meeting clients – I find that i have grown as a person. I’ve learnt to not jump head first into my work, but to stop and plan my approach. I also learnt that in a team, accountability and trust is key – we should always discuss our next steps before embarking on it to make sure we stay on the same page. My time here taught me the importance of teamwork in getting work done, and it’s one of the most unique points of the firm, along with its liberal implementation of technology tools, that i think might have made it this efficient at its work.


The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed how businesses operated, but VanillaLaw® was no stranger to conducting its normal course of business online. VanillaLaw®’s agility allowed it to flourish in this new normal, which is something I am appreciative to be a part of a firm dedicated to helping SMEs establish a solid foundation for its business needs, VanillaLaw® strongly believes in making the law accessible, and takes a unique approach in doing so. It is proud to support the smaller companies that does so much for our economy, and its innovative technologies and methods have impressed the clients and myself.

I do recommend that future interns who seek to apply to this firm come here with an open heart an open mind. I came to this firm expecting to be involved heavily in corporate work, but I got more than I bargained for. I was exposed to a litany of different practices – commercial litigation, family suits, private client, international commercial arbitration, amongst others. I’m confident that Mark and Vivienne will give you solid advice and exposure just like they had done for me. Do not be afraid to ask questions, even those that might seem trivial. Most importantly, do not be afraid to get your hands dirty – despite the fancy technological innovations that makes everybody’s lives easier, hard work is still a big part of the job here.

I have learnt a lot from my experience in this firm, and I’m confident that the skills taught to me here are some of the greatest takeaways that law school is unlikely to teach me.

Brandon Ang
Singapore Management University
Law Undergraduate

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